Thermal Imaging diagnostics


Major part of heat losses in appartments is impossible to detect. It only becomes noticable with the increased heat expenses, which you obviously don't even know about.

Thermal imager helps you to reveal heat losses and check the effectiveness of your heating system and insulation. Thermal imaging inspection - is the diagnostics of an object in infrared light. This process can be done without any infrigement to building and property operations; therefore, it refers to nondestructive testing methods. This inspection can be made at any stage of construction: during construction, operating process or reparation.

Thermal imaging inspection is made with special equipment- thermal imager, which can perceive infrared signals, and display them on the screen. As a result, you can see a thermogram of an object. The lowest possible error, that thermogram can show you is +-0.3ºС. Private house, cottage, sauna, residential appartments, industrial or administrative buildings can be inspected with thermal imager.

"UkrEnergo-Standart" LTD uses setified in Ukraine Flir E60 Series equipment for thermal imaging inspections.

Latest objects

Project 51

Comperhensive inspection of insulation in house on Internatsionalna st.

Project 52

Building inspection on the Babushkina st.

Project 53

Defects determination of heating blockage in apartment on Molokova st.

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