The advantages of thermal imaging inspection

  • Clearness. To understand the thermogram, any special training is not required.
  • Efficiency. All the information is shown in real time.
  • Accuracy. Any latent defect has thermal manifestation, and it will be revealed.
  • The reliability of the data. The device shows only what it sees, so it is not possible to to hide or add anything.
  • Quick payback. The economic effect of inspection defects exceeds the cost of its implementation.
  • Non-destructive examination method. To capture the image, there is no need for dismantling structural elements.

The main heat loss at home occurs due to poor heat insulation, as well as architectural and structural deficiencies of the building. Planning deficiencies, unfair construction workers and low quality insulation materials cause a deterioration of comfort for residents. The foundation, floors, walls, windows, doors and roof release the heat.

In practice, losses can be several times higher.

Unfortunately, in most of the cases, the owners do not have the complete information on the energy loss. In order to find out why the house is cold, heating costs are rising, and what exactly has to be insulated, a detailed inspection is required. Significant funds are required in order to renovate the apartment; therefore mistakes can be costly.
Time to save heat