"Thermal map of the city"

In order to popularize activities to improve energy efficiency in buildings we would like to bring to your attention the project "Thermal map of the city" With modern thermal imaging equipment, we will conduct an external inspection of the state and municipal property on the subject of heat loss.

Results will be posted on the interactive map.We accept the applications from concerned residents of the region, to check the buildings, which are owned by the community.

The main benefits expected from the project are:

  • Reduce energy consumption level and increase it's efficiency in enterprises, institutions, organizations and at home;
  • Attract the necessary investment in energy efficient processes and technological modernization;
  • Spreading the information on energy saving and the formation of energy efficient behavior of consumers;
  • Reduce the possibilities of social stress against increase of tariffs;
  • sustainable development and energy security of society;
  • The creation of an efficient owner of housing.
  • We will be happy to help you!

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